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Kitchen Universe

Kitchen Universe"We started Kitchen Universe in February 2003, by May sales increased month by month; so I started to advertise on-line and to search for reliable and oriented result search engine program.

There are so many choices out there, from do-it-yourself to customize programs offered by recognized companies. I tried more than 5 companies before arriving to Kowabunga; it took me 3-years to find the right company to work with. At the beginning I found it a little over my budget, however my perception changed from the first report I received.

I used to have my customized affiliates program, at that time affiliate sales represented 1% of my total sales and no growing short-term future; additionally to manage all those accounts was so time consuming and un-effective that I knew that we need to find a reliable and dedicated company that would be able to build a successful program; today our affiliate sales represent a 12% of our sales and more important we have more than 20 affiliates generating sales and more than 100 have been contacted; this number has been growing and growing.

Our sales have grown a 30% and we have been only three months on board. Management of our affiliates is outstanding; it feels like Angie -our account manager from Kowabunga- is one of our staff; she comes everyday with new ideas; she is there whenever you need her, Kowabunga has been committed to the success of this program. They customized all tools we need to track sales properly, in three weeks we had our program up and running. Kowabunga goes beyond their commitment; which originally was to build and manage an effective affiliate program; our program is fresh and always improving day by day thanks to Kowabunga team.

We have been using some of the tools provided by Kowabunga in our customer base; so now Kowabunga is building tools that help to boost both our image as a high-quality affiliate program and our communication with our customers. We received a monthly report where we see our performance, detail information about the development of the program and next steps to keep our program fresh and profitable.

Bottom line our affiliates program is professional, fully dedicated and profitable. For the first time since we started this business, I feel we finally found in Kowabunga a partner committed to our success."

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