Let our outsourced affiliate program management and consulting team offer you a completely hands-free solution.

Our team is made up of Internet Marketing professionals and affiliate marketing experts with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The team works together to create, implement and perfect a profitable affiliate marketing strategy that works for your unique business.

The Team Approach Strategy Makes Us Stronger

Our experts are able to do more for your program because we work as a team. Our team approach allows all of our professionals to specialize in different aspects of affiliate marketing management to give you the best person for each little piece of your large affiliate program strategy. Our teams are made up of the following professionals:

  • Client Manager: These individuals have training and backgrounds in marketing, media buying, media planning, affiliate marketing and marketing analytics. They are responsible for creating, analyzing and optimizing the client's strategy and reporting the progress of the program directly to the client
  • Affiliate Manager: These individuals have training and backgrounds in marketing, sales, affiliate marketing and customer service. They are responsible for supporting, communicating with and motivating affiliates
  • Recruiter: These individuals have training and backgrounds in sales, cold calling, email marketing and affiliate marketing. They are responsible for identifying potential affiliates, contacting them and inviting them to join the client's program
  • Graphic Designer: These individuals have training and backgrounds in graphic design, rich media design, HTML and some programming. They are responsible for working with the Client Manager and Affiliate Manager to develop effective, compelling marketing material and landing pages for the affiliates and the client
  • Technician/Programmer: These individuals have training and backgrounds in a variety of programming languages and their applications. They are responsible for ensuring that the client's technology is setup and customized to meet the unique needs of the client. They are also responsible for maintaining the technology and further customizing it as directed by the client and the Client Manager

Speak to one of our sales agents about our Outsourced Program Management services to see if they fit your needs.

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